Videos can be uploaded directly into Backlot individually, via FTP or by doing a Remote Asset Upload. 

These instructions are for uploading individual videos that have been downloaded to your computer. If you wish to upload videos from a Remote site or upload using FTP, please follow the instructions on the Wikia One.

Access Ooyala Backlot and log in (provided you have logon information). Click on the tab Add New Content / Video. A window will pop up and you can select the video you want to upload. It will show at the top of the list. It is not nessesary to click 'upload' on the box down below as Oolaya will start the upload automatically. Your video will be the top line under the Manage tab, and should be highlighted in blue. The status to the right will become a green arrow when the upload is complete. In the box at the bottom of the window are several tabs. 


This is where you will enter a Title and a Description.  Next box is Labels. To enter labels, use your mouse to grab the file (still highlited in blue) and drag the file into the left column under 'All Labels'. You will drop it on top of the appropriate main label name (Gaming, Entertainment, etc.). Then you will want to specify the provider of the movie/trailer you uploaded. For example, the name of the gaming company or developer or the name of the company or website of the video provider (Gamespress, IGN, etc), whatever seems more appropriate. Next you will want to edit the Preview Image. If you are happy with the original one, great. If not, click on edit and choose a new one. 

Custom Metadata

This tab is were you will enter all the details about the video including keywords, genre, category and series. This document provides the current standarized metadata information we use. Do not add any of the metadata fields that are highlighted in red - ignore those. If the metadata field does not apply to your video, you are not required to add it. Language needs to be added in the full text format instead of language code (i.e. English vs en, Spanish vs. es). If you do not see a Category you wish to use, refer back to this page for instructions. If the video is rated M (or PEGI 18) you will need to add an age-gate metatag (Age_Required / 17 (or 18). This will require the viewer to enter their birthdate prior to playing the video. If you are not sure what descriptions to use, try searching for similar videos previously uploaded by other associates (they will have the dark movie clip icon to the left of the file name). 

Uploading/Embedding to Wikia

Next go to the Embed tag. The video ID should be in the ContentID box. Copy the ID, then go to and paste the ID after the = sign. Do not hit enter. Instead, copy the URL in its entirety and go to Wikia Videos. Click on Contribute and Add A Video. Then paste the new URL and click on add. You should see your video available. Now you will want to add catagories for Wikia. Open the page for the video (click on the video / more info or open in new tab, however you prefer to get there) and add appropriate categories. Your video is now ready to embed or use. 

If you have questions about supported input formats, take a look at Ooyala Support

External links (for quick reference)

Ooyala Backlot

Metadata Tags

Metadata Standardization

Wikia Videos

FTP info

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