Seed steps

  1. Create background
  2. Create wordmark
  3. Tweak color scheme based on background/wordmark
  4. Create Header and Video Game templates
  5. Download all assets that can be found (images)
  6. Upload all videos that can be found
  7. Create main page - include social section in the right rail (currently FB as Twitter widget is not working)
  8. Create gamepage (use Infobox VG template below)
  9. Create content pages if information is available and have time (or worth taking extra time)
  10. Check for proper page categorization 
  11. Fill in navigation menu
  12. Fill in Special:CreatedContent if applicable (need multiple categories to make this relevant) or use the Edit Mobile Page (actually easier)

Background Creation

  • Choose an image of 2000 x 1080 (for no splitting) 2000 x 1125 is fine (16:9) but a small section on the top and a larger section on the bottom will not be visable. Keep this in mind when choosing grapics. Default setting has 'fix' off and 'split' on. Turn fix on, or the background will scroll with the article/mainpage.
    • Either choose an image that can be "split" into two, or combine two images. Using smaller images tiled rarely looks good. Avoid this option if possible. 
    • Use editing program to tweak, if needed
  • Create fade in/out around the image:
    • left, right, bottom
    • Set Gradient tool to "Foreground to Transparent"
    • Set background to background color of wiki
    • Select blend tool, then left+click for areas around pic to change
    • Select Fade
  • Make sure to export the image as .jpg/.jpeg
  • Image size can be no larger than 300kb


If a glow is desired that surrounds the page borders, consider adding the following to MediaWiki:Wikia.css (change colors):

/* Page Glowing */
.page-Name_of_page .WikiaPage .WikiaPageBackground {
border:1px solid #B80438 !important;
box-shadow: 0 0 7px #B80438;

For a border, use

/* Page Border */
.page-Name_of_page .WikiaPage .WikiaPageBackground {
border: 8px solid;
border-top: 0px;
border-color: rgba(48, 82, 164, 0.8);

Can use either hex or rgba. Change colors as needed.


  • 250x65 png

Easiest way to start with is to create a transparent 250px X 65px template in your graphic editor program, find game logo online (transparent png preferably) and resize to fit perimeters. Then copy and paste to open template as new layer. Adjust as needed, add WIKI in new layer(s) if possible without altering official logo design. My Examples

For font matching - seems to work pretty good. Many game logos are custom, but derived from other fonts and then tweaked to appear original.  


  • Template:Header
  • Template:Header1 (slick version)
  • Template:HeaderTest (tabbed-like)
  • Header Collection
  • For custom headers, see Satellite Reign (site text)
  • For nav portals, see FTL
  • use font-family within the span style to change font
    • Arial, ARIAL
    • Arial Black, ARIAL BLACK
    • Comic Sans MS, COMIC SANS MS
    • Courier New, COURIER NEW
    • Georgia, GEORGIA
    • Impact, IMPACT
    • Times New Roman, TIMES NEW ROMAN
    • Trebuchet MS, TREBUCHET MS
    • Verdana, VERDANA

VG Infobox

Uses Europa Infobox Theme by default. To use CSS, turn off Europa first.

CSS Example

   /***** Portable Infobox - styles for new class names *****/
.portable-infobox .pi-header  {
  background-color: #7C7B8B ;
  color: white;
.portable-infobox .pi-navigation {
 background-color: #7C7B8B ;
 text-align: center;
 border-radius: 0px 0px 27px 27px;
 .portable-infobox .pi-title  {
 background-color: #7C7B8B ;
 color: white;
.portable-infobox {
 background-color: #3C3C3C ;
 color: white;
 border-radius: 0px 0px 27px 27px;
 box-shadow: -9px 10px 15px 2px rgba(219, 218, 221, 1);

Adding Custom Fonts

Adding Fonts

Main page components

My Custom Main Page Template

Welcome box

Social Media


Bottom stuff

<br clear="all" /> or use a clr template

Footers - Gaming Footers should only be on active communites (active admins) - not seeds 

Content Box 

Mainpage Content Box 1

Mainpage Content Box 2

Mainpage Content Box 3

CSS required for in-line placement

.gallery-box-contents {
     margin-top: -15px;
.gallery-box-contents .items {
     text-align: center;
     margin-left: -16px;
.gallery-box-contents .item {
     display: inline-block;
     width: 150px;
     vertical-align: central;
     margin-bottom: 14px;
     margin-left: 16px;
.gallery-box-contents img {
     margin-bottom: 7px;


Discussions are now on by default (as of 10/15/2016). Forums have been disabled on new communities. Replace hero and icon images. As a founder, we should be getting notifications but remember to check on occasion for activity. 


For mainpage feed

  • <bloglist type="plain" timestamp="true" order="date" category="News" count="3"></bloglist>

For staff blogs

  • {{w:VGBlogFooter}}

To change blog header size- use:

.WikiaBlogListing h2 a {
    font-size:75% !important;

RSS Feed

replace 'nameofgame' with appropriate game name. If too common a name (like Paragon) include the studio name. NO SPACES (example - paragonepicgames)

<div class="container">


  • [[w:c:wikiname:pagename]]

Infoboxes and tables

  • Help:PortableInfoboxes or go to
  • Use margin:auto; with classes to center tables in css
  • Linetable hover for table rows
    • Add to Wikia.css - table.hover tr:hover { background-color: #ffff99; }

Special site actions

  • Use Special:EditWatchlist/raw to unfollow selected pages on a wiki
  • Community messages: MediaWiki:Communitymessages-notice-msg
  • Article spaces: api.php?action=query&meta=siteinfo&siprop=namespaces
  • To change the site description (what appears when searched on Google) use MediaWiki:Description . Include keywords.