This is a general overview of build progression for new MMOs or updating existing MMOs. The list is built from most important to least.

  1. Major updates from official site and sources.
  2. Template creation:
    • Ability
    • Item
    • Zone
    • Subzone
    • NPC/mob
    • Achievement
    • Quest
    • Currency
    • Enable tooltips
  3. Create pages for:
    • Class abilities
    • Achievements
    • Titles
  4. Zone overviews
  5. Questing, to be filled out when playing through (look for DB sites to help):
    • When entering a new area, add in mobs/NPCs, related to quests only
    • Quest pages
    • Rewards (items) pages
    • Quest-related NPCs
  6. Dungeons/Raids/Battlegrounds overviews:
    • Bosses
    • Mobs
  7. Reputations
  8. Professions

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