Wiki Name Vertical Genre Release Date Description
Below Wiki Gaming Adventure 2017 Rogue-like adventure game with rigourous combat and permanent death. 
Narita Boy Wiki Gaming Adventure 2018 2D retro-pixel adventure game with an 80's style plot. 
Mordhau Wiki Gaming FP/Slasher 2018 First-person slasher. Open world medieval PVP fighting game. 
Shardbound Wiki Gaming CCS/Tactical 2018 Tactical CCG with 3D characters. Use cards to control the battle. 
Avorion Wiki Gaming Survival/Combat 1/23/2017 Space-based sandbox building game. Explore the galaxy. 
Diluvion Wiki Gaming Combat/Exploration 2/2/2017 Deep sea exploration and submarine combat game. 
Overload Wiki Gaming Action/Shooter Fall 2017 Vehicle based shooter. Spiritual successor to Descent (1994)
P.A.M.E.L.A. Wiki Gaming Survival/Horror 3/9/2017 Explore, fight and survive in a fallen utopian city
Heroes of Dire Wiki Gaming Tactical/RPG 3/15/2017 Join with friends. Quest for treasure and battle monsters.
Regalia Wiki Gaming Tactica/JRPG 5/18/2017 Follow the story of a ruler in search for his true home. 
I.C.U.Wiki Gaming Interactive Horror Dec 2017 Twitch stream horror game. Streamer vs viewers input.
Dual Universe Wiki Gaming MMO/RPG 2017/2018 Sci-fi Fantasy Sandbox. Fully editable world. Player driven economy. Travel to other planets.
Children of Zodiarcs Wiki Gaming Tactical/JRPG Q2 2017

Single-player rpg with collectable cards and craftible dice. 

Planet Nomads Wiki Gaming Survival/Sandbox 5/25/2017 Become a scientists/astronaut determined to beat the odds. 
Wizard of Legend Wiki Gaming 2D Dungeon Crawl 2017 Follow a powerful wizard on his quest for fame and glory
The House of Da Vinci Wiki Gaming Puzzle/Mobile Q2 2017 3D mysterious adventure game with an engrossing storyline.
Elsinore Wiki Gaming Adventure  2017 Set in the world of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Ophelia is stuck in a 3 day time loop. Help her get out. 
Legion TD 2 Wiki Gaming Tower Defense 2017 Replace towers with dynamic fighters that come to life. The Legion mod is now a standalone game. Multiplayer
ELEX Wiki Gaming RPG/Sci-Fi Fantasy 2017 Rebuild a world left devistated by a meteor. Discover new power in a new element called ELEX. 
ROKH Wiki Gaming Survival/Sci-Fi 2017 Explore and learn to survive in the harsh deadly environment of Mars. 
Lost Ember Wiki Gaming Adventure Q1 2018 Discover life as different animals. Explore amazing lands. 
Pathologic Wiki Gaming Survival Q3 2017 Open world with 12 day storyline. Failures can lead to deaths.
Diabotical Wiki Gaming Arena/FPS Q3 2017 Fast paced multiplayer shooter. Tons of maps. eSports
Visage Wiki Gaming Horror/Survival Q3 2017 Phychological thriller. Explore each room, noise and creepy corner in the house, where anything could be fatal.
Cattle and Crops Wiki Gaming Simulation Q4 2017 Raise crops and cattle. Manage staff and equipment. 
Project Resurgence Wiki Gaming Episodic RPG Q4 2017 Narrative driven RPG. Discover the mysteries in a gritty and volitile world. 
Doko Roko Wiki Gaming Vertical Platformer Q4 2017 Rogue-like action game. Use magic and steel to battle enemies.
Code Hardcore Wiki Gaming Platformer Q4 2017 Mecha-themed high quality 2D shooter. 
Fox n Forests Wiki Gaming Platformer Q4 2017 16 bit 2D action game featuring multiple biomes, multiple levels and challenging skill tests. Fun to explore. 
Perception Wiki Gaming Survival TBD First-person narrative game about a young blind woman who uses echolocation to discover her world. 
Edge of Eternity Wiki Gaming MMORPG TBD Sci-Fi Fantasy sandbox game with JRPG-like combat system.
Children of Morta Wiki Gaming Hack n Slash TBD Rogue-like retro-pixel narrative-based adventure game. 
Epic Tavern Wiki Gaming Strategy/Adventure TBD Build a legendary tavern to draw in the world's greatest heroes.Hire them and send them out on adventures. 
On A Roll Wiki Gaming Sports TBD Rollerblading action game featuring some of the best in the sport. Compete in events and learn creative tricks. 
Mediocre Monster Wiki Gaming JRPG TBD A turned based game where the random monster the hero fights, is actually the playable character. 
Victory Belles Gaming TBS TBD iOS or Web-based chaotic game featuring multiple warships representd by beautiful maidens. 
Light Fall Wiki Gaming Platformer TBD Immersive 2D adventure where darkness prevails over light. 
MachiaVillian Wiki Gaming Strategy TBD 2D top-down horror mansion management game. Raise monsters, set traps and slaughter your victims.  
New World Wiki Gaming MMORPG TBD Open-ended sandbox game. Carve your destiny in a hostile and cursed land. 
Aether Froged Wiki Gaming MOBA TBD Spiritual successor to Dawngate. 
Matterfall Gaming Gaming Action/Arcade TBD Sci-Fi action. Overcome an impending threat known as Smart Matter. Fight for survival. 
Dragon of Legends Wiki Gaming RPG TBD Heavily influenced by Norse and Gaelic mythology. 2D exploration and adventure game. 
Underworld Ascendant Wiki Gaming RPG 2017 First-person fantasy. Overcome difficult situations using improvisation and skill. Play as mage, thief or fighter. 
Toyko Dark Wiki Gaming Point n Click 2017 2D sidescrolling game with a branching and twisting narrative. 
Knights and Bikes Wiki Gaming Co-op Adventure 2017 Hand-drawn world set on a 1980's style island. Discover the truth behind legends of Penfurzy. 
Beautiful Desolation Wiki Gaming Adventure 2017 Isometric post-apocalyptic adventure game. 
Deliver Us The Moon Wiki Gaming Survival 2017 Story driven Sci-Fi survival episodic game
Renegade Line Wiki Gaming Third-person shooter 2017 Third-person comic shooter featuring 2 factions and 4 classes. eSports
Aquanox Deep Descent Wiki Gaming Survival 2017 Underwater deep-sea survival shooter. Control customized ships and engage in submarine battles. 
War of Rights Wiki Gaming Action 2017 Multiplayer simulation of the American Civil War
Gibbous Wiki Gaming Adventure 2017 Point and click. Lighthearted spoof of the Cthulhu Mythos.
Hero U: Rogue to Redemption Wiki Gaming RPG 2017 Help Shawn O'Conner learn to be a hero and a rogue. 
Zed Wiki Gaming Puzzle 2017 Graphic puzzle adventure story about life and death.
Nelo Wiki Gaming Adventure 2017 First-person shooter, Sci-Fi themed
Dungeons of Aledorn Wiki Gaming TBC RPG 2017 Turn-based story adventure with an 'old school rpg' feel.  
Fabular Wiki Gaming Action RPG 2017 Medieval Sci-fi 2D action-rpg with rogue-like influences
Fictorum Wiki Gaming Action RPG 2017 Wield the ultimate power over magic and the elements. 
Empires of the Undergrowth Wiki Gaming Simulation 2017 Control and grow your own ant colony. 
Goblins of Elderstone Wiki Gaming City-Builder 2017 Create and maintain a city for your Goblin Tribe. Level the goblins and give them tasks. 
IRA Wiki Gaming Episode 2017 Story takes place in an alternate 1930's era. Cross the void of space and time. 
Ashen WIki Gaming Action RPG 2017 Follow a wanderer in search of a place to call home. There is no sun and the volcanoes have bathed the world in ash.
Worlds Adrift Gaming MMORPG 2017 PVP multiplayer. Build a airship and battle in the clouds. 
Arcadian Atlas Wiki Gaming Strategy 2017 2D isometric tactical RPG about the choices people make in pursuit of the things they love. Medieval themes. 
What Remains of Edith Finch Wiki Gaming Adventure 2017

Based in Washington State, the game tells the story of Edith Finch and the mysterious things that happen in the Finch family home. Mystery. 

Battalion 1944 Gaming Shooter 2017 Multiplayer shooter based on WW2. Designed for realism. 
Wanderer Wiki Gaming Platformer Sept 2016 2D low rez Sci-Fi adventure. Escape convict learns to survive on an abandoned Earth. 
The Dwarves Wiki Gaming Tactical RPG Dec 1, 2016 Conquer the dark hordes in tactical real-time battles. Based on the best-selling story "The Dwarves". 
Streamline Wiki Gaming Stream First 9/30/2016 Twitch interactive game for streamers and their fans. 
Quern Wiki Gaming Puzzle/Adventure 11/28/2016 Discover the truth about Quern's past and unfold the mysterious of the present. Introduces reusable puzzle mechanics. 'Very Positive' on Steam. 
One Tower Wiki Gaming MOBA 11/10/2016 Fast-paced battles between two players and their minions. 
Eagle Flight Wiki Gaming VR 12/20/2016 Take to the skies as an eagle. Experience Paris as never before. Fight opponents and protect your territory. 
Clockwork Wiki Gaming Platformer/Puzzle 10/10/2016 A plague has ruined the city of Watchtower. Folow Otto and Milli as they solve mysteries. 
The Letter Gaming Visual Novel 2017 Interactive horror novel about a mansion, said to be cursed. 
Masquerada Wiki Gaming Tactical RPG 9/30/2016 Masquarada: Songs and Shadows is a colorfully grim song of masked deception, set amid a Venetian-inspired city haunted by the shadows of civil war, misplaced faith and fey manifestations. Fully voiced pause-for-tactics RPG.